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Double diamond

Double diamond method

Our approach to design is based on the "Double Diamond" method. Our version of this approach moves through the four phases of Discover, Define, Design, and Deliver (we like Ds :).

What we love about the double diamond metaphor is that it encapsulates a repeating rhythm of exploration and focus. Each phase has a wide part, where we’re intentionally exploring problems and solutions without putting limits on ourselves: questioning, brainstorming, pushing boundaries. This is also where the different disciplines inside the design teams -- research, writing, interaction and visual design -- split off to do their individual work.

Then we bring together all the work of that phase before we move on to the next one. So in each section of the diamond we explore widely, and then we narrow our focus and prioritize the best of that phase to pass on to the next. And then we do it all again!

Double diamond process

Problem insight Product strategy Execution plan The right solution Ship
Insight trigger


These plays are designed to help at the very beginning of the design journey, when you’re trying to understand what the problem space is and learn about users and their pain points.


These plays are to help you take all the learning from the Discovery phase and shape it into problem statements and possible solution ideas.


Now you’re ready to get visual. :) These plays should help you translate solution ideas into initial designs and content.


These are the plays to help move solid designs into implementation.