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Pearson Web Components

A shareable component library to help developers build consistent UIs.

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Built with standards

We know that the web changes. Libraries change, habits change, coding styles change. By using standards-based development, we will support more developers on more projects use things that have a longer lifetime than a library-driven solution. Oh, and BTW, they all work in IE 11 too, so we’ve got you covered.

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Framework agnostic

We want to leave the decisions about how to build your web application up to you, the developer. Want to use Vue.js and Gridsome? React.js and Gatsby? Vanilla JS inside a JSP architecture? They all work. Make the right decision for your situation, and we’ll support you.

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Born a11y

We wanted to build something that had accessibility in it from day one. No last-minute additions, no bugs that had to be fixed and got backlogged for 3 releases. Just accessibility. From day one.