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Search Bar


For detailed instructions, view our install section in this documentation. Make sure all of the dependencies and polyfills are loaded to make the component cross-browser compatible.


<script src=""></script>


npm i @pearson-ux/search-bar --save


    <pearson-search-bar placeholder="Type a search term here"></pearson-search-bar>


Follow these steps to successfully build out a search bar component. Start by adding a <pearson-search-bar> element.


To include a search options menu add a <ul> element with a class of search-options as a child of the <pearson-search-bar> element.

<pearson-search-bar>    <ul class="search-options">

For each option you want to appear as search criteria, add an <li> element.

<pearson-search-bar>    <ul class="search-options">        <li>first option</li>        <li>second option</li>        <li>third option</li>    </ul></pearson-search-bar>

To include additional filters add a <ul> with a class of filter-options.

<pearson-search-bar>    <ul class="search-options">        <li>first option</li>        <li>second option</li>        <li>third option</li>    </ul>    <ul class="filter-options">            </ul></pearson-search-bar>

For each filter option you want to appear, add an <li> element.

<pearson-search-bar>    <ul slot="search-options">        <li>first option</li>        <li>second option</li>        <li>third option</li>    </ul>    <search-bar-filter slot="filter">        <li>filter one</li>        <li>filter two</li>        <li>filter three</li>    </search-bar-filter></pearson-search-bar>



All attributes in this API are optional.

placeholderstringunsetAdds placeholder text to the input.
startdisabledbooleanfalseDetermines whether the input will start as disabled until a search parameter is selected from the drop down.
errorstringunsetAdds error styling and warning message.
collapsedStringunsetThis attribute can be set to trigger responsive behavior.


The pearson-search-bar component emits one event:

searchWill fire when the search button is clicked.
const searchBar = document.querySelector('pearson-search-bar')searchBar.addEventListener('search', function(event) {  console.log(searchBar.value)})
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